VICSEED Tesla Center Console Organizer【Perfectly Tidy】 Tesla Model 3/Y Console Organizer Tray with Silicone Protection, Light Translucent Tesla Model 3/Y Organizer, Tesla Model 3 Model Y Accessories


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  • 【 / 】This Tesla Model 3/Y Center Console Organizer perfectly fits with the center console. VICSEED’s Tesla Model 3/Y Console Organizer is the ultimate accessory for any Tesla owner looking to keep things organized and tidy. With its translucent design, durable structure, and practical features, it is a must-have item for any road trip or daily commute
  • 【 】Say goodbye to the embarrassing moment of not being able to find things in a pitch-black environment! This Tesla Center Console Organizer Tray uses a unique translucent acrylic material, making it stand out in the dark. Unlike other black products, light can easily pass through ours to illuminate the entire Tesla Model 3/Y Organizer, allowing you to easily find the items you need in the dark
  • 【 】With this Tesla Model 3/Y Center Console Tray, your center console will become more organized and tidy. The Tesla Model 3/Y Tray has two compartments where small items such as phones, sunglasses, keys, and coins can be placed, preventing them from being scattered throughout your car. This not only improves your driving safety but also makes it easier for you to manage and use these items
  • 【 & 】This Tesla Console Organizer Tray adds an extra layer of organization space to your Tesla, ensuring that all your items are stored in an orderly manner and providing an ultimate storage experience. But that’s not all – the Tesla Model Y Center Console Organizer also provides privacy protection for your belongings. Simply push the Tesla Model 3 Center Console Organizer in, and your items will be completely hidden
  • 【 & – 】Say goodbye to difficult-to-clean flocked Tesla Center Console Organizer! This Tesla Model 3 Console Organizer is easy to clean and maintain. It is made of waterproof material, which can be easily rinsed with water, making it look like new in an instant. The bottom of the Tesla Model Y Console Organizer has two thick silicone mats, which can effectively prevent scratches on your items and protect your valuables.

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