Portable Camping Stove, Propane and Butane Dual Fuel Camping Stove, Including Adapter Hose and Suitcase, Electronic Ignition, Brass Burner, Suitable for Camping and Hiking | Emergency Cooking Stove


About this item

  • 【Dual fuel design】: Portable gas furnaces can work with butane tanks and propane tanks. The propane tank needs to be used with adapter hoses to meet all your fuel needs.
  • 【Ultra high power】: Portable stoves are designed with durable aluminum single burners, with an output of up to 15000 BTU. It can boil 4 cups of water in 5 minutes and easily control the heat through the dial next to the piezoelectric ignition button. This butane stove has enough power to cook anything you might need during a camping or backpacking trip.
  • 【Safety】: This butane furnace is equipped with many basic safety features. It is equipped with an online regulator with pressure sensing closure. If the pressure is too high, the regulator will shut off the flow to prevent dangerous flashback. The butane burner is equipped with a wind shield to protect the flame from the influence of breeze or air conditioning.
  • 【High quality】 – High temperature resistant core material, corrosion resistant, non rusting; High quality stainless steel undergoes 3800 repeated impacts, making the product lighter and thinner while improving quality. The overall surface is smooth, easy to clean quickly, and does not rust. The mini gas stove is very sturdy and can be used for a long time.
  • 【Easy to carry】: Portable camping stove is small, compact, lightweight, and equipped with a sturdy suitcase for easy carrying and storage. The camping stove is very suitable for camping, hiking, barbecue, picnic, hot pot, outdoor cooking, home emergency kit, etc.

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